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Apr 2, 2010

feel sorry for HIS family ; DIN BERAMBOI

walopon entri ni da ramai yg post
tp ak nk post gak.
[sbagai tmda simpati atas pemergian beliau]

takziah kpd keluarga din beramboi [bajet famili die bace blog ak :/ ]
kerana pemergian arwah beberapa jam yg lalu.
this news surprised me a lot !

AL-FATIHAH buat arwah.
din, may GOD blessed u n placed u with all the Anbiyak.
well this is a good day ; FRIDAY.
may u rest in peace :)

he was admitted to the hospital for dengue fever last tuesday.
his liver n kidneys were seriously infected by bacteria
and couldn't function properly.
he was assisted by ventilator n suffered till the end of his life.


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