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Mar 31, 2010

kes fenim.

this few days are da days of torture fer me.
i relly feel burdened by being shortlisted to attend da scholarship interview.
i keep surfing da web to seach everything about all da JPA things.
i noe,,i worry too much n
this sort of feeling would trouble me so much on da day of interview.

act,, i noe nothing bout interview since this will gonna be my first one.
so WE [friends n i] decide to get some infos n advices from our MAMA[councellor].
hurm. really hope to give my best on that day.

let's say if da interviewers ask me ;
'what would u choose this course?'
'how do you think u can contribute as a pharmacist in our country?'

i choose this becoz i love medicine. is it oke? [so silly :p]

instant note :: to those who noe something bout dis, please kindly help me.
i'm really blurred. :(

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