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Apr 2, 2010

congratulations to those who are selected for national scholarship programme. !

30 tops performing students are handpicked by the government to be part of a prestigious national schorlarship programme.
whoa,a bigbig congratulation again to all of u !
[even though i noe that there's no one from the 30 of u reading this blog. ha-ha! ]
only students who succeed to gain string on As in SPM are selected for this scholarship.
the selected scholars are veryvery lucky as they are now free to pursue undergraduated studies in their area of interest at any university.
(oh gawd, is this the 8th miracle? :P)

some of the 30 selected students are:
  1. mohd sallehuddin mansor ; smk matang,perak
  2. may khei ; smk convent, taiping
  3. chean chung shen ; smk methodist,setiawan
  4. neelam devi
  5. gang li fang ; smk tun mamat,tangkak

i noe theres no point mumbling bout others success
but i post this so that i could learn from my past mistakes ; not giving my best in last year's spm :P
( serve u right, nadia ! haha :/ )

instant msg :: mane pelajar melayu ?
adekah masih amalkan moto ; no points to rush as we're hERo !


nuuya. said...
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Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the information, now I will know.

Anonymous said...

Ur!!!! We have won :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, that I can help nothing. I hope, you will be helped here by others.

n.a.d.i.a said...

no, its ok :)