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Apr 9, 2010

me emo? nonsense! :P

hello to all.
i greet u a very wonderful nite.
hehe,,mlm ni saya nk skema sket ea.
i'm sure it wouldnt be a problem fer u rite?

huhu. i bet u must be very curious nape ak post entry ni
kan? kan? kan?.
hehe,,actually tadi saya ade terima
panggilan dari seorang sahabat lama.
an old fren. hurm i think it had been
almost 5 years we havent meet.
perghhhhh..mish u damn much la SYIRA.
and today, bila dua murai bertemu suara, hampir 2 jam kitorang borak.
timbul macammacam topik mase perbualan kami.
yg personal ade, yg formal ade. aishhh. :)

n when she asked me about my boyfie,,
i hesitately denied bout that. frankly speaking, i dont have any.
y? only me knows. huhu!
then she told me that i was different now.
" emo la mung skang ni"
wahhhh. i was a big surprised. (ha-ha! )
i asked y.
howeva she asked me to find out myself y she told me that.
ermm..question mark fer that.

btw, since that she had told me that i'm emo.
so skang ni saya nak berEMOsi sket laah.
something fer sure is
i am who i am ( the femes statement. wakaka~)
only a few understand the whole me.
even my friends dont totally know me.
some of them re just knowing from the outside me.
not from the inside. :P

hei hei. enuf enuf la.
huhu :P

regarding to syira's statement bout da emo thing,
i admit that i'm a little emo, but not TOO emo okie.
i luv to listen to all the 'jiwang' song , read all the 'jiwang' quote.
but it's just only during my leisure time.
i admit that i'm quite emo when it comes to friends issues,
but..uh wateva. :P

selamat ber-blogging!

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