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Nov 7, 2010

new diary


it's now 3.50pm n i've safely arrived at my lovely kolej mara kulim. haha! hurmm..what a bored day. there's nothing fer me to do since i've arrived in here early in da morning. after washing all the clothes i just stay in room and take a nap. great idea to update blog suddenly come.  ^_~ .

OK, tomorro, 8th nov will be the second sem registration day fer all the matrixx n this really annoys me. how come they only give us just a week to refresh our mind, heart n soul after struggling fer da sem 1 final exam?there's another thing, i'm sick of b class n there's no reason why i'm like dat. erggh~ i'll turned up crazy continuing life like dis.
whatever it is, tomorro will be a new diary fer me. hurm,,a little frustration comes to mind when i couldnt manage to answer my PSPM well. well, starting from now onwards there will be no more postponing assignment, less enjoy and more study. haha. hope this is not only kata-kata manis ku. hahaha !

btw, gudluck to all friends. my college friends, my old lovely friends..
u too guys~
pray fer me. :))

thats all.
t8 care :D

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