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Nov 13, 2010


salam !

finally MALAYSIAN UNIVERSITY ENGLISH TEST is over. waaa~~ sigh of relief. haha!
however, unsatisfaction occur among the candidates since the essay title fer extended writing is ;

in an arranged marriage, the choices of a husband or wife is made by parents or elders. what do you think of this practice in today's society ? discuss.

hurm. i feel like to throw away that paper into the dustbin. haha. i'm blanked. no points to write, so i just staring at the one of the handsome prefect. haha! *gatai nooe* :P
whatever it is, i wanna say HOOREYYY! becoz theres no need fer me to face the MUET things again. ;)

just sit and wait till the result will come out. hope to get the best result eventhough i couldnt manage to answer it very well :p

OK then.
gotta go.
t8 care :D

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