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May 19, 2011

thx GOD :D

hye :)

18th may 2011.
the most important date for matriculation students batch 2010/11..da date dat will determine our future,where will we going to further our studies.
since that today is 19th may, so yesterday our result had come out. And in Kolej MARA Kulim. only 12 students got 4.0 (4rata) and of course i'm NOT one of them :P
but no frustration fer yesterday as i got an unexpected result fer my semester 2 finale, indeed.
THANK YOU, GOD. i know you are always listening to my prayers.

p/s : sori gmbar xelok. baru blajaq print screen tdi.huahua~ ;)
gotta go. da lewat pagi ney. HAHA.
nunite :D

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