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Sep 9, 2010

syawal kembali !

hye everybody!

last nite, around 8.30 announcement had been made by ... arghh. i'd forgotten his name lahh.
HARI RAYA PUASA @ eidul fitri date had been declared on friday,10th september 2010.
wahh, i feel so relief coz b4 coming home, there's one of my friends said that hari raya will be on thursday, 9th sept, meaning dat, TODAY lah. uhh, my baju raya were not completely sew by my mom yet lah. how come i can celebrate raya? haha. even thought there is not  a MUST, but it is sunat to wear new clothes during the raya day, . :PP

hari raya 2010's goal:
to get more duet raya from my sisters.

p/s :
aishhh.. berbelitbelit lidah aku nk speakim ong putes. haha.
well, biasela.. demam MUET la katakan. ;))

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