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Apr 27, 2011

showing up again ^_^

hello WORLD.hello everybody!

well,seems like i dont update this lovelylovely MR.belog for couple of weeks. hmm,,busy preparing fer my final exam which is like a jerk. :P but now, no more worries bout da exam or such thing, people said, LET BYGONE BE BYGONE. am i rite? :D

including today, i'd been home for five days,,and i could find that nothing interesting to be home rather than could sleep well and eat well. Hmm,, really miss my time with all my best buddies and roommates. i wish i could back to the past, enjoying da days with them. huahhh :(

nothing more to say in this post, just posting as a sign that i'm pretty bored today. no messaging, no chatting, but a little facebooking. haha !
oh ya, to all da bloggers, sorry for not visiting ur site for a long time. actually, i'd a problem with my streamyx. hentah la penyangak mane yang kejam gyller mai curik cabel telefon kat umah aku ne. sedih siot seh, nk on9 pon kena kokak ngan nyamuk dulu. haha! nk harapkan bb aku, yang slalu ajy gelarkan BERUKBAND ni,,alahai meleleh la air liur basi depan lappy, nk tggu dye pnyer loading. haha!

enuf dulu.
c ya soon!

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